Learn More about the New USPS Enterprise Payment System (EPS) FAQs

The Enterprise Payment System or EPS allows customers to pay for products and services through an Enterprise Payment Account (EPA) funded as an Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debit or Trust Account.  The EPS payment account management provides enhanced security features, centralized balance and account management, and a self-service customer experience.

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PRC Issues Report – A New Reality: Correspondence Mail in the Digital Age

Although the decline of First-Class Mail volume rightfully gets a lot of attention, it is important to understand the underlying trends affecting its key segments, including correspondence mail.  This paper examines how key and interrelated factors like electronic diversion, demographic changes, the economy, pricing, and evolving security and privacy concerns have affected the growth and …


More than 150 organizations have submitted comments to the Postal Regulatory Commission, PRC, regarding their 10 Year Review proposal.  Most comments were unfavorable about the proposal.  A variety of mail-dependent businesses and non-profits are challenging the PRC’s claim that it can enact the rate hikes without Congressional approval.  Source:  Farrington