Does luxury and sustainable packaging go hand in hand?

Does luxury and sustainable packaging go hand in hand?

If you’re Boll & Branch – a high-end e-commerce company offering luxury bedding and towels – it’s not only a requirement, but core to the brand.

We recently teamed up with the high-end e-tailer on a gift box re-design. The previous design consisted of corrugated with a two-sided rollover and litho print on the inside. Kraft paper …

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The future of postal reform — or lack there of

Anyone reading the postal press may encounter references to “postal reform” and whether it will ever happen. People not in our industry may wonder just exactly what “postal reform” is and why its future is such an issue. Answering all this briefly may not …

Restroom signs and experiences around the world

Restroom experiences around the world

When you travel, public restrooms are rarely top of mind. You’re likely thinking about flight check-ins, favorite destination spots, and unforgettable photo opportunities – not whether your restroom experience will be a positive one.

From the one-way glass restrooms on the streets of London to the video game toilets in Japan, it can be an interesting …

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USPS Pricing – Planning for 2019

Postal Service leaders have publicly stated at association meetings that they are preparing a CPI based rate increase for early 2019. At this time there is no Board of Governors to approve a rate increase. However, the Postal Service is hopeful that the two candidates will be confirmed …

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American Catalog Mailers Association (ACMA) Reports… House Reintroduces Postal Reform Bill

To restore the financial solvency and improve the governance of the United States Postal Service in order to ensure the efficient and affordable nationwide delivery of mail, and for other purposes.  To read more of the Postal Reform Bill from ACMA, click …