Strategies for a Successful Transportation RFP Process

The start of a new year can mark a time of growth and change for companies. Everchanging market trends, service needs, higher costs – these are all drivers that can trigger a shift in transportation needs.

What’s the first step to a better transportation solution for your company? A well-executed transportation RFP process.  In the

Key Notes – Volume 04 Number 02

Connecting Direct Mail with Interactive Marketing – One of the main reasons direct mail marketing is so effective is because it is personal.  It connects to consumers’ senses in ways other forms of marketing simply can’t. Similarly, interactive marketing encourages consumers to become involved in the marketing.  It pushes them to somehow become engaged.  Fusing …

Key Notes – Volume 04 Number 01

Notoriety with Left-Handed Edition – The Custer County Chief in Broken Bow, NE, wanted something unique to spark interest in the paper.  An issue printed backward did much better than anticipated.  Just for fun, the staff of the Custer County Chief opted to print a left-handed newspaper.  It was hugely successful, a nice moneymaker and …

Postal Notes / December 21, 2016

The U.S. Postal Service published the New Mailing Standards for Domestic Mailing Services Products in today’s Federal Register Notice (FRN).  These are the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) changes taking place with the January 22nd price adjustment.

Most importantly are the standards around the rebranding of Standard Mail to Marketing Mail.   In response to feedback from the …

Postal Notes

December 20, 2016


Today, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) announced that it will begin its review of the system for regulating rates and classes for Market Dominant products that was first established in 2006.  The law requires that the PRC begin its review of the current rate system …