More than 150 organizations have submitted comments to the Postal Regulatory Commission, PRC, regarding their 10 Year Review proposal.  Most comments were unfavorable about the proposal.  A variety of mail-dependent businesses and non-profits are challenging the PRC’s claim that it can enact the rate hikes without Congressional approval.  Source:  Farrington

Key Notes – Volume 05 Number 04

Coalition Opposes Imposition of Paper Tariffs – A group printers, publishers, and paper suppliers have formed the STOPP Coalition, (Stop Tariffs on Print and Publishers) to oppose the potential imposition of tariffs.  Members include the Printing Industries Association, Local Search Association, the News Media Alliance and Book Manufacturer’s Institute.  The Association of American Publishers (APP) …

Key Notes – Volume 05 Number 03

New Recyclable Clean-Release Card – REI, a high-quality outdoor equipment supplier to co-op members, along with their suppliers have created an innovative solution to the problem of film backing left on the catalogs, limiting the recyclability of the entire direct mail catalog.  Previously, industry-standard film-backed clean-release cards, applied to the outside cover of direct mail …

Bubble Wrap image

4 Shocking But Fun Facts About Bubble Wrap®

Let’s face it – we all love Bubble Wrap ®, especially when we’re popping it. Enjoy these fun facts below!

1. Bubble Wrap® was originally invented as wallpaper

Fifty years ago, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes created three-dimensional wallpaper from sealed air pockets between shower curtains. They thought people would love the groovy design, but Bubble Wrap’s destiny …