Aerospace material innovations take flight

How composite materials are driving the need for new manufacturing and packaging solutions.

In aerospace, one material innovation can save money, reduce waste and even help improve safety. However, it also creates new manufacturing and packaging considerations. Case in point: carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP).

CFRP demand has increased across industries over the last 10 years, and experts expect …

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PRC Issues Decision on PI2015-1

On July 5, 2018, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) issued Order 4697 approving the use of internal measurement systems by the USPS®.   To read more…click here.


What Can The PCC (Postal Customer Council) do for you?

Connect with a PCC The Postal Customer Council® (PCC®) program is …

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USPS Pricing – Planning for 2019

Postal Service leaders have publicly stated at association meetings that they are preparing a CPI based rate increase for early 2019. At this time there is no Board of Governors to approve a rate increase. However, the Postal Service is hopeful that the two candidates will be confirmed …

Key Notes – Volume 04 Number 36

Postal Service Continues to Promote Informed Delivery – On September 12 and September 19 the USPS Informed Delivery advanced webinar series will continue for mail owners and mail service providers.  These webinars will focus on the launch of the self-serve Informed Delivery Mailer Campaign Portal and how it will facilitate planning, entering, activating, and analyzing …