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Postal Stakeholders Speaking Out

MPA (The Association of Magazine Media), a leading member of the American Mail Alliance, has produced an online magazine to explain the PRC’s proposal and how it would hurt industries that rely on the Postal Service and lead to decreased mail volume.  The American Mail Alliance consists …

USPS – Innovating New Ways to Keep You Close to Your Customers

“Proof,” a new USPS video, shows how the organization is changing along with the business customers it serves.  The 1-minute, 25-second video notes that the Postal Service delivers more than a half billion pieces of mail to customers every day.

USPS Clarifies Revenue Deficiency Rules

Today, the U.S. Potsal Service issued a Federal Register Notice (FRN) clarifying the policy on revenue deficiencies.

A revenue deficiency is defined as a shortage or underpayment of postage or fees that has been calculated and assessed to a mailer.

The updated policy includes the definition of a revenue deficiency; designate Postal Service contacts for submitting appeals; and added …

USPS Video Promotes Informed Delivery

The USPS video cites research that shows 84 percent of young adults who use Informed Delivery are “highly satisfied” with the feature and share it with their friends.

Ninety-six percent of customers like Informed Delivery so much, they want to keep using it.

“For millions of customers right across the country, it gives them a whole new …