Stay safe – 5 tips to live by

The warehouse is a hub of activity, and all that movement can create dangerous conditions. Here are five important tips to help you stay safe.

1. Ergonomics.
No matter if you are lifting, pulling, pushing or placing, when moving items, make sure they are between knee and shoulder height. Be extra careful around heavy or awkward items. You may need to find another member of your team to help, or it may be time to use a forklift.

2. Communication.
Speak up! Making co-workers aware of your location helps prevent dangerous situations. Sounds simple, but calling out “Here I come!” or “To the right of you!” goes a long way. Also, make a habit of reporting trip hazards or spills to your manager. This action can help prevent safety incidents.

3. Environment.
Clean. Well-lit. Free of obstructions. Is your workplace up to par? Trips and slips are all too common, so make it a daily habit to assess all areas of your workplace. Things to look for: spills and debris, cracked or uneven floors and steps, misplaced boxes or packaging materials. Take time to repair or remove obstacles.

4. Equipment.
Forklifts are a mainstay in many warehouses, and safe operation is imperative: drive slowly and be on the lookout for others, and keep the forklift blades and loads low to the ground. This can help improve visibility while operating the forklift, and helps to minimize product damage if the load becomes unstable.

5. Stacking and storage.
Improperly stacked items pose a real safety risk. Different sizes and shapes of packages call for different stacking designs to ensure stability. Items that are stored for long periods or in harsh conditions may require specialized packaging materials. Otherwise, it could result in a safety risk as products become damaged and unstable. 

Discuss these tips with your coworkers. Together, you can benefit from a safer environment.


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