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———  POSTAL  ———

Amazon forms U.S. Postal Service lobby group with other companies

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Inc (AMZN.O) and other retail and logistics companies said on Wednesday they had started a new group to lobby to keep the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) package delivery services “reliable and affordable.”  Read more about these plans here.


Coalition urges postal task force to not raise parcel prices

In addition to the above article…  The “Package Coalition” — is asking for the Task Force on the United States Postal System to “pursue solutions that preserve an affordable, reliable postal package delivery system.”  To read more on the “Package Coalition”, click here.


———  PAPER & PRINT  ———

‘Going Paperless’ May Not Be the Greenest Option

To understand why going paperless isn’t always the best option, we must take a close look at the forestry industry.  To read more of this article, click here.


The Ups and Downs in the Future of Print

Kip Cassino, Executive Vice President of Borrell Associates, discusses the cross-generational evolution of print and consequently… what’s expected to grow and what’s expected to decline in the coming years.  Click here to watch Kip’s Video on the future of the print market.


———  DIRECT MAIL ———

The Thrill of Direct Mail

Signed, sealed, delivered! What is it about direct mail that continues to drive value and a great experience for customers? According to research, there are several reasons.  Read this week’s Navistone blog to learn why direct mail is proving to be a tried and true channel for making a meaningful connection with people.



How choosing SFI on-product labels helps consumers drive positive change all along the supply chain

Sustainable Forest Industry, one minute video, on-product labels are widely recognized and provide a visual cue to help consumers source products from responsibly managed forests. When consumers buy products with the SFI label, they are not only purchasing a product that meets rigorous certification standards, they are also helping grow future forests, sustain communities, fund conservation research, educate youth and train loggers. Learn more.