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———  POSTAL  ———

USPS Pricing – Planning for 2019

Postal Service leaders have publicly stated at association meetings that they are preparing a CPI based rate increase for early 2019. At this time there is no Board of Governors to approve a rate increase. However, the Postal Service is hopeful that the two candidates will be confirmed in time to file in October. Read more

Move over UPS truck: Amazon delivery vans to hit the street

The online retailer, wanting more control over how its packages are delivered, is rolling out a program Thursday that lets entrepreneurs around the country launch businesses that deliver Amazon packages. They’ll be able to lease blue vans with the Amazon logo stamped on it, buy Amazon uniforms for drivers and get support from Amazon to grow their business. In return, Amazon gets more ways to ship its packages to shoppers without having to rely on UPS, FedEx and other package delivery services.  To read more.

———  LOGISTICS  ———

Trade associations rally to save biodiesel tax credit

Biodiesel is a diverse selection of resources blended into fuel meant as a diesel replacement. It was also the first U.S. domestically produced and commercially viable biofuel. The biodiesel credit has fluctuated in recent years, creating an “on-again, off-again” credit system. The groups stress the pain this puts the industry through, disrupting funding and investment efforts.  Read more about the Petition go continue the current biodiesel blenders tax credit.