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Packaging equipment is not just for large companies. Smaller, more nimble companies are using semi- and fully-automated packaging solutions to meet growing sales and customer demands. In a short time period, the equipment investment can deliver measurable ROI and contribute to a more efficient operation. Why are more and more companies (both large and small) interested in packaging equipment solutions?

Here are five key benefits:

1. Increase capacity, productivity and throughput
2. Maximize product containment and protection during transportation and warehousing
3. Reduce material waste, rejects and re-works
4. Lower labor and input costs
5. Improve speed-to-market and adjust to spikes in product demand

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Once you know what area of your business you want to improve, the next step is to find the right equipment. Here are some helpful tips:

Look for a packaging provider with expertise in workflow optimization and different types of equipment from a variety of OEMs. This approach looks at the big picture to find equipment and product-based solutions for all phases of your operation—from primary packaging to unit load containment.

Ask if they have a team dedicated to onsite service to help you maintain the equipment and ensure it remains a productive part of your operation. Better yet, do they offer national coverage? As your business grows and expands to new regions, working with one provider will ensure greater accountability and consistent support. Avoid the “drop and go.” Once the equipment is delivered, make sure that it is properly installed and that key team members are trained.

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Keep the new equipment stocked with the right packaging products. Some national packaging providers offer just-in-time delivery options, which can help keep your production floor clear of excess inventory while still ensuring timely access to the right packaging materials. Keep these elements in mind when searching for your next packaging equipment solutions.

Keep these elements in mind when searching for your next packaging equipment solution.

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