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Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing Continues to Lead in a Digital World

There are so many choices of marketing channels now you may feel overwhelmed.  Each company should have a different mix that works best for them.  Many marketers have found that digital only marketing is not as effective for them as …

Can strategic packaging improve your bottom line?

In the past, packaging was often considered a last-minute process before products went to market. It was part of shipping, plain and simple. But today, innovative companies are making it part of the product development process, moving packaging design and manufacturing up the planning ladder.

Why? Strategic packaging can save manufacturers big money.

Many leading automotive manufacturers …

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USPS Finances / Second-Quarter Results

The Postal Service has reported its financial results for fiscal 2018’s second quarter (Jan. 1-March 31).  Total revenue was $17.5 billion, up 1.4 percent compared to the same period one year earlier. Revenue from the organization’s shipping and packages business grew 9.5 percent, while First-Class Mail revenue …

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———  POSTAL  ———
Cluster Boxes to Become Mail Receptacles of the Future
The U.S. Postal Service will no longer deliver mail to the door for new addresses, pushing mail users to instead cluster their mailboxes in a centralized area.  The new policy marks a sharp shift as the agency continues to find ways to cut costs and follows through …

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———  POSTAL  ———
Delivering the Real Problems Facing the Postal Service

In 1970 the Post Office became the U.S. Postal Service, a government-owned corporation.  It was supposed to operate like a business with no taxpayer support.  It operated in the national interest and was expected to deliver everywhere for the price of postage.  Unfortunately, because of congressional interference, the …