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TOP STORY – New Postal Reform Bill Introduced in Senate

Senator Tom Carper (D-DE), joined by bipartisan co-sponsors, Senators Moran, Heitkamp, and McCaskill, introduced a bill to reform the Postal Service.  The bill has many similarities to the House bill, but also some important improvements.  According to the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers, the introduction of the Senate bill adds yet another wild card to the mix—a very large wild card.  Many expect it to further extend the time for the PRC decision.  Alternatively, there will be speculation about a change in the Commission process.  They could postpone the decision pending action on a new postal law.  Read more at the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers

Postal Pricing Explained

You probably hear a lot about the Postal Service’s “market-dominant” and “competitive” products, but do you understand what these terms mean — and why they matter?  Federal law divides USPS products into two categories:  market-dominant and competitive.   Last year, the PRC determined that the current pricing system for market-dominant products isn’t working, in part because it doesn’t allow USPS to be financially stable.  The Postal Service wants PRC to exercise after-the-fact regulatory monitoring to ensure its prices are just and reasonable.  Read more at LINK

USPS to Promote Change-of-Address Campaign

The Postal Service is planning a promotional campaign to encourage more customers to submit change-of-address requests through  The goal is to show that it’s fast and easy to change an address online.  The promotional campaign will run during the May-July peak moving season.  Online requests rose 3 percent year-to-year — a number USPS wants to boost. has more information on submitting change-of-address requests.

Video Touts Business Customers

“New Places,” a new video from the Postal Service, shows how the organization works with business customers to deliver their messages.  “We work with printers, mail houses and over 1 million retailers to send over half a billion pieces of mail every day, making sure every message gets to where it needs to be,” the narrator says.  Other USPS videos can be viewed on the Postal Service’s YouTube channel.

Date & ZIP Code = USPS Event

Post Offices across the nation are holding “date meets ZIP” events, commemorating rare occasions when the calendar aligns with a local ZIP Code.  The Buford, GA, Post Office marked its special day March 5 — when the date matched local ZIP Code 30518 — by offering a special postmark that featured an illustration of Buford’s historic downtown.  Does your ZIP-Code match the date sequqnce?  Read more at LINK

USPS Move Update Standard:  What Mailers Need to Know for 2018

A change to the USPS method for verifying address quality will particularly impact high-volume business mailers, who could be hit with fees if their mail is not compliant.  The Postal Regulatory Commission has approved a new Census-based measurement process for the Move Update standard, effective March 1, 2018.  The Postal Service believes these changes will improve mail visibility and quality metrics.   Read more at Pitney Bowes

Direct Mail

Adding Content to Paper

Everyone is talking about it in the technology world- NFC or Near Field Communication.  Rooted in radio-frequency identification tech, NFC has recently gained high popularity in recent years due to its integration with mobile devices.  Now here comes a solution to make it even more successful.  PowerCoat Alive lets you deliver interactive content in a simple easy-to-use process by printing and embedding RFID tags and microchips directly into a special paper.  Check out their awesome video here.  Read more at InkOnDaPaper

Use Mobile Marketing to Engage Customers and Prospects

Mobile marketing needs to be a part of your marketing mix.  Why, you wonder?  How about this: People spend 89% of their mobile media time in apps, and 11% on websites.  Here is one more stat: Around half of U.S. adults (51%) report making online purchases via their smartphones.  Keep in mind that you need to add mobile technology to other marketing channels.  Email, landing pages and websites need to be mobile friendly.  You should also include mobile on direct mail pieces with short codes, QR codes, PURLs that go to mobile pages and so on.  Read more at Eye/Comm

Tips To Grab Readers’ Attention With Your Direct Mail Campaign

Despite the popularity of digital advertising, people still remember and understand better what they see and read on paper. Touch allows the brain to reach a deeper level of engagement, and strategies built around touch should be a part of your marketing campaign.  Direct mail pieces are not a thing of the past. In fact, according to the Data and Marketing Association, the current response rate for household direct mail is just over 5%, which is the highest the DMA has reported, and the median return on investment (ROI) comes in at 29%.  Read more at Forbes

Merging Your Physical and Digital Communication Strategies

Thanks to the rise of augmented reality and related technologies, the line between physical and digital communication is blurring. Augmented reality, or AR, takes elements of the real world, typically through a camera, and adds to it.  The increasing popularity and growing use cases of AR are opening up new ways for people to interact with their world – and with brands.  Read more at Mailing Systems Technology


How Print & Mail Service Providers Can Strengthen Client Relationships

Experts predict that by 2020, customer experience will outweigh price and product as the key differentiator among competitors.  Print and mail service providers can prepare for this transition by changing their sales and servicing approaches now.  Instead of initiating client conversations with details about paper, ink, finishing, and volumes, concentrate on discovering what clients hope to achieve with their customer communications.  Read more at Mailing Systems Technology

Print is Surviving:  TV Guide Magazine Is Still Here

What’s perhaps most interesting about TV Guide is how it’s succeeding.  Essentially, it’s bucking every trend that’s working against print magazines in 2018.  It grew newsstand sales by more than seven percent in the second half of 2018. It has a healthy (and clean) subscriber list of 1.25 million readers.  And it’s investing in its advertising business by increasing its sales staff and tapping into new categories.  Read more at FOLIO

Interactive Printing (and Smell) Used in Toyota Ad

Toyota has created a pop-up print insert for the Camry that’s somewhat unusual — it’s handcrafted to resemble the dashboard of the car. What’s more, you can actually get the leather smell of the car from the ad, and it will monitor your heartrate too.  Read more at Ad Age

Printers and Publishers Unite to Launch Coalition to Stop Tariffs

Members of the printing, publishing and paper-producing industries, which employ more than 600,000 workers, are announcing the formation of Stop Tariffs on Printers & Publishers (STOPP), a coalition to fight proposed countervailing duties (CVD) and anti-dumping duties (AD) on imports of Canadian uncoated groundwood papers including newsprint and other papers.  Read more at Bluefield Daily Telegraph


DHL expands US delivery service in swipe at FedEx, UPS

Deutsche Post’s DHL said on Thursday it was launching a delivery service for online retailers in eight U.S. cities, as the German logistics company takes a swipe at dominant players UPS and FedEx.  Through DHL eCommerce’s Parcel Metro service, first reported by Reuters, contractors will make same-day or next-day deliveries from retailers and fulfillment centers directly to homes, the company said.  Read more at CNBC

Walmart is Adding FedEx Office to 500 of its Stores

FedEx Office, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. and Walmart, Inc., announced an agreement to place 500 new FedEx Office locations within select domestic Walmart stores nationwide in the next 24 months.  The announcement comes after completion of a successful pilot program spanning 47 locations within Walmart stores across six states.  Read the press release here.