Key Notes – Volume 04 Number 36

Postal Service Continues to Promote Informed Delivery – On September 12 and September 19 the USPS Informed Delivery advanced webinar series will continue for mail owners and mail service providers.  These webinars will focus on the launch of the self-serve Informed Delivery Mailer Campaign Portal and how it will facilitate planning, entering, activating, and analyzing interactive mailer campaigns.  The much anticipated Mailer Campaign Portal is scheduled to soft-launch in mid-September.  At that time, the Informed Delivery Program Office will work with existing test mailers to begin self-serve campaign entries.  The broader launch is anticipated in October.  Registration for these webinars is required and spaces are limited.  Please register as early as possible to get the date most convenient for you.  Click here for complete details and to register.  Source:  PostalPro

Coming Soon:  USPS Enterprise Payment System – The U.S. Postal Service is upgrading its payment architecture for enterprise and business customers.  The new Enterprise Payment System (EPS) will eventually replace the current Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS) with a payment system that will enable customers to pay and manage their services online using a single account.  With the August 2017 release of EPS the USPS continues to enable CAPS customers to transfer to EPS. Customers will have the ability to pay for their Address Change Service (ACS) and Address Element Correction (AEC) services invoiced through the National Customer Support Center.  As time progresses, additional payment options will be added for other products and services.  Source:  USPS

USPS Aids Customers During Hurricanes – Hold Mail is designed for customers who plan on occupying their homes within 30 days.  If a resident feels they will not be able to occupy your home within 30 days, they need to submit a Change of Address (COA) request with the Postal Service.  They should mark “Temporary” on the card.  A temporary change of address is designed for customers who plan on returning to their residence within six months.  If the resident does NOT plan to return to their current address, please submit a permanent COA request.  A COA card is available from any letter carrier or at a local Post Office.  COA requests also may be filed at, the Postal Service’s website that is available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Source:

Are Driverless Vehicles the Future? – Automakers and tech giants, such as Google and Uber, are investing billions of dollars in the development of self-driving vehicles — and no wonder.  A large majority of Americans say they fully expect self-driving cars and trucks will be used for delivery and transportation within the next decade.  However, many are concerned about safety.  Businesses have to be concerned with public opinion. If the public balks at sharing the road with these vehicles, regulatory approval could be slowed or a company’s brand could be hurt. This includes the U.S. Postal Service.  Click here to read a detailed survey conducted by the USPS Office of Inspector General.  Source:  OIG

Sappi North America’s Environmental Responsibility – Sappi North America is committed to sourcing 100 percent of our wood and market kraft pulp from well-managed forests. “We are members of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) as well as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)—two of the world’s leading independent non-profit organizations that are responsible for developing sustainable forestry certification programs,” according to Laura Thompson, Director of Sustainability at Sappi. Read more of Ms. Thompson post on LinkedIn.

Veritiv Makes First Acquisition as Public Company – Veritiv is bulking up for the first time in three years.  The Atlanta-based business-to-business distributor announced that it acquired All American Containers, a family-owned and operated leading distributor of rigid packaging, including plastic, glass and metal containers, caps, closures and plastic pouches. Tis is the company’s first acquisition since going public in July 2014, following its merger with International Paper Company’s xpedx business and Unisource. The company did not disclose a purchase price.  Source:  Atlanta Business Chronicle