Key Notes – Volume 04 Number 28

Update on Transition to USPS Marketing Mail – The Postal Service published a DMM Advisory providing an update about the rebranding of Standard Mail as USPS Marketing Mail.  The update stated the Postal Service continues to work with the industry on a timeline for implementation for the required use of new postage markings and permit imprint indicia, and the USPS is estimating a “begin to transition” date in mid-2018.  The Postal Service would like to clarify that in addition to postage markings and permit imprint indicia, the transition applies to markings included on sack, tray, and pallet labels. The USPS will update the Domestic Mail Manual and Quick Service Guides in the applicable preparation sections to provide a similar note to the markings and permit imprint sections stating, “Customers should not convert to the USPS Marketing Mail markings until a date is announced.”  Source:  USPS

Study: Donors React to Direct Mail – The statistics come from “The Donor Mindset Study III,” a collaboration between Grey Matter Research and Opinions 4 Good.  The companies surveyed 1,000 donors on a variety of preferences they might have concerning email and direct mail marketing and found that paper holds several advantages in areas such as ability to communicate story, facts, and information.  Donors believe that direct mail is better at telling a touching story by a clip of 38 percent to 23 percent.  Source:  The Nonprofit Times

AAPC & USPS Study – Eighty-six percent of registered voters check their mailboxes at least 5 times per week, according to a newly released joint paper from the United States Postal Service and the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC).  But how do Americans interact with their mail as they sort, read and process it?  After an election cycle where political mail volume and spending reached record highs, the Postal Service teamed up with AAPC to find out.  Together, we produced a paper on American behaviors and attitudes toward mail and what it means for political campaigns.  To learn more see the released joint paper, “Voters and Mail:  Five Insights to Boost Campaign Impact.”  Source:  Campaigns & Elections

USPS Service Standards Updated – Service Standards were first published in January 2007 in accordance with requirements of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006.  These standards are updated quarterly (January, April, July, and October) to reflect changes in the processing, transportation, and delivery network.  Click here to view the USPS online tool/map that reflects service standard changes that are effective July 1. Source:  Postal Pro

Big Data + Direct Mail = Powerful Results – “Big data” has become much more than a buzzword.  For marketers, it’s a virtual gold mine of information just waiting to be tapped.  By leveraging what you know about your target audience, you can complement your online efforts with a personalized mailpiece—adding another touchpoint that can move the customer to finalize the purchase.  Direct mail is the perfect vehicle for harnessing big data because it helps turn browsing behavior into action.  Check out the latest White Paper from the Postal Service:  Six Way to Make Your Holiday Messages Stand Out.  Source:  USPS Delivers

Paper Coupons are Cool Again – While they may have taken a little break, coupons, the paper kind that travel by snail mail, are making a comeback.  Last year, marketers spent $44.9 billion on direct mail.  According to marketing firm Valassis’ annual coupon report, nearly 90 percent of millennials use paper coupons they get in the mail.  And the Data and Marketing Association says response rates to all direct mail, ads and coupons are up 60 percent from a decade ago. Paper feels special again.  And having a tangible presence can be especially helpful for brands that started online.  Source:  Marketplace

Take AIM at Postal Issues – The Postal Service supports a regional forum called Areas Inspiring Mail (AIM), formerly known as Focus Groups, in which to meet with members of the First Class, Periodicals and Standard Mail industries to discuss and seek solutions for service issues, share information and ideas, and provide opportunities to interface with industry and postal management.  AIM serves as a vehicle of communications between customers and the USPS advocating issues and supporting the needs of all mail classes.  Attend a meeting in your area (calendar).  Source:  Postal Pro