Key Notes – Volume 04 Number 25

10-Year Review of the USPS Rate System is Upon Us – Obviously one of the biggest things at stake in this proceeding is whether USPS rate increases for market dominant (monopoly) products will continue to be capped at the annual CPI.  In announcing the start of the 10-year review, the PRC said its review “will engage in a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of the ratemaking system.”  When it laid out its timetable for the first proceeding, the PRC said it planned to rule in “early autumn” of 2017, and if it determined that a second proceeding was needed to determine changes to the rate system, that proceeding would begin shortly after the first proceeding concludes.  Source:  Mailing Systems Technology

Automated Parcel Drops Ease Shipping, Returns – The Postal Service is testing new equipment in some retail lobbies to make it easier for customers to drop off packages for shipment.  The Automated Parcel Drop (APD) is a self-service machine that allows customers to mail pre-paid parcels and merchandise return parcels.  Customers scan the package’s pre-paid label barcode at the APD, deposit the package through its door and collect a paper receipt with acceptance scan date, time and tracking information.  Source:  USPS News Link

UPS to Add Delivery Surcharge for Peak Holiday Weeks – United Parcel Service will add a new surcharge to residential and large-package deliveries during the holiday season this year.  The Atlanta-based shipper said the charge will help offset the additional expenses it incurs during surge periods.  A charge of 27 cents will be added for ground residential deliveries from Nov. 19 to Dec. 2 — the two weeks surrounding Black Friday. It also will be in place from Dec. 17 to Dec. 23.  Source:  Biz Journals

The Survival of Magazines in a Digital World – According to Judith Sawyer, a seasoned veteran of the advertising industry and special lecturer at Oakland University, there is a lack of currency and timeliness as a reason to why the magazine industry and the magazine advertising industry have both declined in recent years.  Ms. Sawyer believes strong magazines in niche categories are more likely to survive because they reach a narrow audience less likely to meet all of their needs online, on social media, or in digital magazines.  “There are those who still enjoy the feel of a beautiful, well published magazine, but print magazines have to find a way to offer an experience not available online,” she said.  Source:  The Oakland Post

New York Times Rolls out a Kids’ Edition – Even as it focuses more of its efforts online, the New York Times is still trying new ways to get more out of the old-fashioned print edition, and the paper’s latest experiment is a print edition for kids.  The one-time special edition will be delivered to subscribers and newsstands this Sunday, alongside the usual weekend version of the newspaper, special-projects editor Caitlin Roper told Women’s Wear Daily.  The section is aimed at children from 9 to 12.  The kids’ edition mimics the layout of the traditional paper, with sections devoted to sports, national news, science and opinion.  Source:  Fortune

Direct Mail:  An Important Ingredient in Your Marketing Mix – Marketing strategies have changed over the last few years.  Today, it’s more common and necessary to integrate marketing with your website, social medial pages, email marketing and direct mail.  There are a number of ways to integrate direct mail into your marketing strategies.  Direct mail can work with online and social media marketing in a number of ways including E-mail marketing, capturing website visitor contacts, and website and online media such as pay-per-click.  One company leading the charge in this area is NaviStone, a leader in progressive website tracking technology and digital browsing behavior.  Sources:  InsuranceNewsNet and NaviStone

Innovations in Mail – This month BCC Software is pleased to have a webcast that will feature Innovations in Mail, presented in part by Vicki Stephen, Director, Mailing Services, New Products and Innovation for U.S Postal Service.  Stephen will join company president, Chris Lien and Ed Wong, Product Marketing Director, Commercial and Industrial Printing at Ricoh, USA, Inc.  The webcast occurs June 28th, 2017 beginning at 11 a.m. EST.  This presentation is free.  Register today here.  Source:  US Financial News Today