Key Notes – Volume 04 Number 21

USPS Turns to Video to Deliver Its Own Marketing Messages – The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) needs to promote its services just like any other brand, and like many other marketers it is leveraging video as a communications tool.  An interactive video experience utilizing Pitney Bowes EngageOne Video is designed to help educate and inform Mail Owners and Mail Service Providers (MSPs) on how to take part in and deliver value from the USPS Informed Delivery and 2017 Mailing Promotions campaigns.  Informed Delivery notifications allow residential consumers to see a daily preview of the address side of the letter-size mail pieces that will soon be arriving at their door.  The feature offers marketers the opportunity to engage consumers through synchronized direct mail and digital campaigns.  Source:  Retail Touch Points

Informed Delivery Growing – Postmaster General and CEO Megan Brennan announced at the National Postal Forum this week the new USPS program called Informed Delivery has attracted more than 2 million users.  Brennan added that with the offering available in nearly every ZIP Code in the United States, more than 10,000 new people are signing up every day.  Informed Delivery is a free feature that provides emailed images of incoming mail to registered residential customers.  Brennan said that Informed Delivery brings mail into the daily digital and mobile lives of consumers, builds anticipation of the physical mail piece, and provides mail senders with a new mobile platform from which to attach digital messages.  Source:  USPS Press Release

Reasons Paper Lives On – So, what makes paper so good?  “It’s tangible,” says Mary Cahalane, principal of Hands on Fundraising LLC — a direct mail consultancy for nonprofits.  “You can feel it, fold it, even smell it.”  Cahlane says people are “drowning in e-mail” and that their attention spans have waned shor0ter.  Against that backdrop, it seems like direct mail has another thing going for it: passive persistence.  Source:  DMN

Why Direct Mail is More Memorable – The most optimal marketing campaigns are multifaceted endeavors, mixing multiple mediums to hit their target audience.  Magazine ads, websites, billboards, direct mail, social media and smartphone apps are just a few ways companies convert customers.  To drive profits, businesses must allocate their marketing dollars across the right channels.  Today, no brand can dispute the power of the digital world, but what about physical advertisements like direct mail and print ads?  What gives them their edge?  To get to the heart of this question, the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General partnered with the Center for Neural Decision Making at Temple University’s Fox School of Business to study the power of print and digital advertisements.  Together, they found participants spent more time with physical advertisements, showed more desire for a product seen in print and were more stimulated by physical ads than by their digital counterparts.  Source:  Next Page

Postal Service Recognizes the Lincoln Motor Company – The U.S. Postal Service has recognized The Lincoln Motor Company, Hudson Rouge and Structural Graphics with the Irresistible Mail Grand Champion Award for their ability to create exceptional and innovative mail pieces.  The Postal Service also recognized the University of Pittsburgh and Unofficial Cardboard with the first-ever Irresistible Mail Award for Innovative Technology.  Source:  USPS

Trump Budget Calls for Retirement Benefits, Operational Cuts at USPS – President Donald Trump has weighed in on the ongoing postal reform debate with a fiscal 2018 budget proposal that would save the U.S. Postal Service $47 billion over 10 years through cuts in retirement benefits and mail delivery costs.  The majority of the cost savings outlined in Trump’s postal reform plan, as written in his May 23 budget proposal, come from retirement benefit changes that would also affect the rest of the federal workforce, but would save the Postal Service $33 billion over 10 years.  The Postal Service would also save an additional $1 billion by increasing postal workers’ contributions to their health and life insurance.  Source:  Federal News Radio

PCSC Workshop-in-a-Box – This workshop will take a look at some of the common exception requests that come through the Pricing and Classification Service Center (PCSC) and how to ensure your mailpieces are in compliance. Topics covered include:  Folded Self-Mailers, Booklets, Sample Packets in Letters/Flats, etc.  Source:  PostalPro