Key Notes – Volume 03 Number 47 & 48

Postal Reform Could Re-Emerge in the Lame Duck Congress – Lawmakers are preparing to bring renewed attention to Postal Service reform in the lame-duck session of Congress, though in a challenge that will sound all too familiar to advocates for change, scores of members from both parties are already sounding the alarm about their concerns with current legislation.  A recent score from the Congressional Budget Office that found bipartisan, committee-cleared legislation would not negatively impact the federal debt have boosted the prospects for a vote on the measure in the final weeks of the 114th Congress, according to Senate aides.  The 2016 Postal Reform Act, approved unanimously by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is now the vehicle most likely to receive further action this year.  Service Standards are a key issue.  Source:  Government Executive

Veritiv Opens Greater Cincinnati Operations Center – Veritiv Corporation, the parent company of Graphic Communications, announced the opening of its new Greater Cincinnati Operations Center at Gilmore Pointe in Fairfield, OH.  The approximately 72,000 square feet space accommodates more than 400 of Veritiv’s customer service, credit, IT, and finance professionals.  “This new operations center is an important strategic investment for Veritiv, and it aligns with our goal to integrate our operations and strengthen collaboration throughout the company,” said Mary Laschinger, Chairman and CEO for Veritiv.  Source:  Veritiv

Paper, Making Life Better – Paper brings benefits of providing education, functionality and preserving memories to the everyday lives of people across the country and around the world.  Two Sides, an organization supports sustainability concerns, created a video highlighting the many ways that paper plays an important role in our lives and for our livelihood.  Paper is…making life better!  Source:  Two Sides

Hot Tubs – The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal recently went behind the scenes at a company that has produced millions of tubs for USPS.  Minnesota Diversified Industries (MDI), a Minneapolis-based nonprofit company, has supplied the Postal Service with more than 90 million tubs and corrugated plastic packages since 1993. The company also produces custom packaging boxes for several Fortune 1000 firms.  Source:  USPS Link

UPS Catches Up With FedEx on Dimensional Weight Change – FedEx plans to decrease its DIM divisor from 166 to 139 as of Jan. 2, effectively increasing the shipping costs on millions of ecommerce parcels.  UPS is also lowering its divisor to 139 as of Jan. 8, but is exempting, at least for now, domestic air and ground parcels that are less than one cubic foot (1,728 cubic inches).  Effective Jan. 8, UPS will follow FedEx by assessing its additional handling charge on any package whose longest side exceeds 48 inches, down from the previous 60 inches. UPS is also increase the over-maximum package charge from $110 to $150; items shipped by UPS Freight will be exempt from the charge.  Source:  Multichannel Merchant

The Emerging Opportunity for Magazines & Catalogs” – Publishers have often spoken fondly of the potential of the “magazine of one” where all content and advertising is customized to readers’ interests.  However, this concept has always been conceived in electronic formats.  Developments in digital printing technology (especially inkjet) combined with publishers’ rich audience data, are presenting new ways for publishers to develop print products that are as customizable as online experiences.  Source:  Publishing Executive

Billion Dollar Postal Subsidy – Based on new data about its customers’ behavior, the USPS recently added $1.1 billion to its estimate of how many Forever Stamps it has sold that will never be used for postage.  Source:  Dead Tree Edition

See Your Mail Before its Delivered – The U.S. Postal Service continues to test a new high-tech service in the New York City area that gives people a quick glance at their mail before it’s delivered.  The pilot program sends customers an email each morning with scanned images of the mail that will be delivered to their home that day.  The USPS calls this feature “Informed Delivery.”  Informed Delivery first launched in the NYC and southern Connecticut area in December 2015 and is picking up steam.  Source:  ABC 7 NY