Veritiv Launches Veritiv Connects Community Program

When you think of the word “community” – what comes to mind?

Here at Veritiv, community has many different meanings. The Veritiv community is not only where we do business, it’s how we do business. Strong and lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees, in the communities where they work and live, are an important part of what makes Veritiv a distribution and logistics solutions leader across North America. Now, we want to share that success and help shape success for our communities.

Today, we are proud to launch Veritiv Connects – our new community and philanthropy program. Our mission is simple: We want to help shape success in the communities where we live, work, and do business, and we want the work we do to lead to a healthier and more vibrant society overall.

Veritiv Connects has two key focus areas, which align with Veritiv’s Vision and Values:

  1. Learning: An educated and skilled workforce has been essential for our success. At Veritiv, we value workforce readiness and programs that support talent development for Veritiv employees and prepare other individuals for careers in distribution solutions and beyond.
  2. Healthy Living: Healthy, sustainable, inclusive and happy communities are important to Veritiv, our customers, suppliers, employees, and to society. We provide support where we can make the biggest difference.

As we launch Veritiv Connects, we are delighted to announce partnerships with two respected organizations: The American Red Cross and Junior Achievement (JA). Our focus areas of healthy living and learning align well with the important work these organizations are doing, and importantly, align with the Veritiv Values. Veritiv employees have a long history of community involvement, and we are looking forward to helping these organizations make a difference.

We encourage you to watch this video message from our Chairman and CEO Mary Laschinger as she announces the launch of Veritiv Connects.
On behalf of everyone at Veritiv, we extend our thanks to our stakeholders for their support as we launch and grow this important initiative. Our teams are proud to connect with our communities and are looking forward to helping them shape their success.

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Beth Patrick, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Ed Patterson, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs