Key Notes – Volume 03 Number 45

Keep on Truckin’ – The American economy runs on trucks, but the trucking industry faces a projected shortage of 46,000 drivers in the next 3 years.  The Office of Inspector General USPS new blog post talks about the challenge this poses to Postal Service, which relies on highway contract route (HCR) drivers to move mail.  With an increasing dependence on ground transportation, the OIG report found, the Postal Service needs to bolster its management of HCR contracts.  How do you think the Postal Service should deal with HCR irregularities? Read the report here.  Source:  OIG USPS

Welcome to Mailers Hub – There’s a new company to help mailers understanding the complexities of the mailing world.  It’s called Mailers Hub.  Led by Leo Raymond, this new venture has assembled decades of experience from virtually all aspects of the industry – USPS operations, USPS Management, commercial mailing operation and management.  Mailers Hub was created to be a comprehensive resource and community for those in the commercial mailing industry.  It’s a place for commercial mailers, information and industry to come together.  Check them out today.  Source:  Mailers Hub

Direct Mail Campaigns Can Drive Holiday Sales – The advantage of a direct mail campaign is two-fold: likelihood of consumers opening their mail around the holidays, making it an ideal time to increase the odds of your message being read.  And, you’re likely to reach consumers right at their point of decision, providing a ready answer to a holiday challenge.  That’s why a physical piece of direct mail can stand out.  In fact, a recent showed that 77 percent of consumers sort through their physical mail as soon as they get it.  Source:  USPS Delivers

The Marketing Power of Direct Mail – Companies engaged in both B-to-B and B-to-C can benefit a lot from direct mail, as they look to generate more sales. The issue arises when direct mail is not handled in the correct way, such as self-mailers that have way too much information in them, or postcards that provide nothing interesting to customers. But when direct mail is done in the right way, companies will see tangible improvements in sales. Click here to read some of the main ways you can ensure that your direct mail campaign is properly focused and cost-effective.  Source:  inTech

Rebranding of DMA – As the role of data explodes in marketing and advertising, DMA announced that it is rebranding and repositioning to become the Data & Marketing Association.  The announcement came on the eve of DMA’s 100th anniversary, and ushers in a year-long brand relaunch leading up to DMA’s 2017 &THEN global conference in New Orleans, La., Oct. 8-11, 2017.  Building upon member feedback and market analysis, DMA’s Board of Directors, Leadership Team and branding experts from OgilvyOne Worldwide collaborated on the new name and branding.  “This is a fascinating time for the advertising and marketing industry, as the ability to leverage the power and insights of data has become ubiquitous to companies large and small,” said Tom Benton, DMA’s CEO. “These steps reaffirm that DMA represents the entire marketing ecosystem of brand marketers, agencies, media companies, data companies and tech companies and is uniquely positioned to protect marketers’ ability to responsibly access, exchange and refine data to improve lives and to grow the U.S. economy. DMA’s new Board and Officers represent the pinnacle of the marketing ecosystem and are a remarkable group of leaders to guide the industry and the new DMA.”  Source:  DMA

Congressional Budget Office – H.R. 5714, Postal Service Reform Act of 2016 would change the laws that govern the operation of the Postal Service (USPS), restructure how the federal government pays for health benefits for federal employees and annuitants, and alter how the federal government calculates the contributions that agencies make for retirement benefits. One of the major provisions of the bill is partially reinstating a postal rate increase that expired in April 2016 (direct spending savings of $8.4 billion).  Source:  Congressional Budget Office

Board of Governors is at a Crossroads –The USPS Board of Governors could lose last presidential member in mid-December.  The Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General said in a white paper that unless Congress acts quickly, the huge, independent federal agency will become powerless to handle several vital tasks.  Source:  USPS OIG