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Veritiv Launches Veritiv Connects Community Program

When you think of the word “community” – what comes to mind?

Here at Veritiv, community has many different meanings. The Veritiv community is not only where we do business, it’s how we do business. Strong and lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees, in the communities where they work and live, are an important …

Key Notes – Volume 03 Number 46

Postal Service Reports $5.6 Billion Loss for Fiscal 2016 – The U.S. Postal Service, having faced years of financial hardship, posted a $5.6 billion net loss for fiscal 2016, despite an increase in revenue this year.  USPS reported $610 million in controllable income this year, down from $1.18 billion in FY 2015.  …

U.S. Postal Service Reports Fiscal Year 2016 Results

November 15, 2016

  • Net loss of $5.6 billion, driven by mandated retiree health benefits expenses
    • Controllable income of $610 million
    • Continued double-digit growth in revenue and volume in the Shipping and Packages business
    • Enactment of postal reform legislation remains urgently needed

WASHINGTON — After accounting for a $5.8 billion retiree health benefit prefunding obligation, the U.S. Postal Service posted …

Key Notes – Volume 03 Number 45

Keep on Truckin’ – The American economy runs on trucks, but the trucking industry faces a projected shortage of 46,000 drivers in the next 3 years.  The Office of Inspector General USPS new blog post talks about the challenge this poses to Postal Service, which relies on highway contract route (HCR) drivers to move mail. …

Key Notes – Volume 03 Number 44

Names (and Prices) They Are-a-Changin’ – At one time, it was called Third-Class Mail. Today, it’s known as Standard Mail. In 2017, it will be called (USPS) Marketing Mail. The U.S. Postal Service has proposed a name change for Standard Mail to better signal to customers that this mail is used primarily to market a …