Customer Service Week 2016: Career Advice

As we celebrate Customer Service Week 2016, we are reminded that the foundation of a truly customer-focused business means making – and keeping – our commitment to deliver an efficient and enjoyable customer experience from start to finish. Our talented team of Customer Service Professionals (CSPs) work tirelessly to ensure that our customers’ needs are not just met – but surpassed.

Our CSPs have a treasure trove of career advice and experience for anyone entering the customer service field.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in customer service?

  • “Have patience and a good attitude.” – Shelly Barry, Hanover, MD
  • “Smile when you talk with a customer.” – Kristen Emery, Hanover, MD
  • “We are in the business of selling a service to our customers. Always answer the phone with a smile – your attitude and friendliness will keep customers coming back.” –Connie Parada, Commerce, CA
  • “Be a good listener and trust in your abilities.” – Nancy Viseth, Minneapolis, MN
  • “Go into customer service if it is truly your passion to help and solve issues for your customers. You’ll get much better results if you are doing it because you love it!” – Kayla Moriarty, Salt Lake City, UT

Customer Focus is one of our foundational values, and a significant factor of our competitive advantage. Tomorrow, hear directly from our CSPs about why working at Veritiv is the right move for a career in customer service.

Meet the CSPs! Today, you heard from:

Shelly Barry, Hanover, MD: Shelly has been with Veritiv for 20 years. She’s a big sports fan, especially football and NASCAR. Outside of work, she loves spending time with family and friends enjoying Mexican or Italian foods.

Kristen Emery, Hanover, MD: Kristen is a sushi-lover. Outside of work, you can find her enjoying live theater, doing sun salutations (she’s a yoga enthusiast) or trail running.

Connie Parada, Commerce, CA: Connie recently celebrated her 37th anniversary with Veritiv. The avid soccer player has coached and played her whole life, and even met her husband while playing the game!

Nancy Viseth, Minneapolis, MN: Nancy will celebrate her 17th anniversary with Veritiv in early 2017 She’s an avid hockey fan, and outside of work you can find her cheering on the Minnesota Wild, playing golf, and spending time with her friends and family.

Kayla Moriarty, Salt Lake City, UT: Kayla, who just celebrated her one-year anniversary with Veritiv, is a former special education teacher. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family – hiking, visiting parks and the lake, and anything else outdoors.

With more than 800 Customer Service Professionals supporting Veritiv customers across North America, Customer Service is an integral part of Veritiv’s success. Interested in a career in Customer Service at Veritiv? Learn more at