Customer Service Week 2016: Get to Know Veritiv’s Customer Service Professionals

Today marks the second day of Customer Service Week. Here at Veritiv, our commitment to Customer Focus is what has fueled our success for so many years.

What does Customer Service mean to Veritiv? It’s a critical part of our business, and the concept is embedded in our company values.

This week, we will be featuring some of our Customer Service Professionals (CSPs) about the important work they do for Veritiv and our customers, and what customer service means to them.

What made you choose a career in Customer Service?

  • “I’m a people person and a problem solver. It was a natural fit.” –Cydney Head, CSP, Edwardsville, KS
  • “I wanted an opportunity to move closer to assisting our customers with their needs.” –Nancy Santos, CSP, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • “I enjoy solving problems, managing accounts, and the purchasing aspect of the job.” –Amy Balsam, CSP, Carrollton, TX
  • “I am passionate about customer’s needs and strive to deliver results.” –Lisa Broxterman, Print Team Manager, Edwardsville, KS

What’s the best part of your day?

  • “Working with my teammates and lending a helping hand when needed.” –Jeff Thorson, CSP, Aurora, IL
  • “Getting calls from my customers who think they’re funny!” –Connie Parada, CSP, Commerce, CA
  • “Working with my external and internal customers.” –Clive Williams, CSP, Clifton, NJ
  • “Getting the best price for my customers.” –Sylvain Laperriere, CSP, Montreal, ON, Canada
  • “Assisting the team with issues and questions. I truly enjoy training customer service professionals and sharing in the excitement watching them grow in their knowledge.” –Lisa Broxterman, Print Team Manager, Edwardsville, KS

Are there any challenges that you face on a daily basis?

  • “Of course there are challenges we face daily, but I have yet to run into one that our team can’t resolve together.” –Kayla Moriarity, CSP, Salt Lake City, UT

Veritiv is a values-based organization, and our commitment to Customer Focus plays an important role in our success. Tomorrow, you’ll hear from our Customer Service Professionals on what Customer Focus means to them.

Meet the CSPs! Today, you heard from:

Cydney Head, Edwardsville, KS: Cydney has been with Veritiv for 37 years. Outside of work, you can find her watching football and cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs or working on remodeling projects in her home.

Nancy Santos, Mississauga, ON, Canada: Nancy and her husband are parents to two boys, and like several of her colleagues, is on her second stint with Veritiv – her first tenure was from 1997 – 1999, and again since 2000.

Amy Balsam, Carrollton, TX: Amy is a yoga-lover who will celebrate her fifth year with the company in just a few weeks. When she’s not working, you can find her cooking and enjoying exotic foods – her favorites are Thai and Korean BBQ.

Connie Parada, Commerce, CA: Connie, recently celebrated her 37th anniversary with Veritiv. The avid soccer player has coached and played her whole life, and even met her husband while playing the game!

Jeff Thorson, Aurora, IL: A self-described “big Sammy Hagar fan,” Jeff, a music lover, has been with Veritiv for 10 years. He loves to cook and considered enrolling in culinary school before beginning his career in customer service.

Sylvain Laperriere, Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Sylvain, like several colleagues, is on his second tenure with Veritiv (1989 – 2002 and again since 2011). When he’s not riding his bicycle (he’s an avid cycler who rides at least 12 kilometers each morning), he and his wife compete in ballroom dancing competitions across North America.

Clive Williams, Clifton, NJ: Clive is one of Veritiv’s longest-serving employees, who recently celebrated his 43rd year with the company. Outside of work, the music lover − he counts gospel and reggae as favorites − can be found spending time with his grandchildren.

Lisa Boxterman, Edwardsville, KS: Lisa started her career with Veritiv 33 years ago. She lives in a small town in Kansas, where she is grateful to have a grocery store. Outside of work, you can find her socializing with family and friends outdoors for BBQs and bonfires and cheering on her favorite college basketball team – the University of Kansas!

Kayla Moriarty, Salt Lake City, UT: Kayla, who just celebrated her one-year anniversary with Veritiv, is a former special education teacher. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family – hiking, visiting parks and the lake, and anything else outdoors.

With more than 800 Customer Service Professionals supporting Veritiv customers across North America, Customer Service is an integral part of Veritiv’s success. Interested in a career in Customer Service at Veritiv? Learn more.