Driver Appreciation Week 2016: Customer Focus in Carrollton, TX

Veritiv is celebrating Driver Appreciation Week – a perfect time to extend our thanks to the drivers who deliver our Veritiv solutions with pride, every day. Today, meet Bobby Smith and Terry Baines from our Carrollton, TX facility.

Veritiv drivers play a critical role in the success of our company – they are often the Veritiv employee that our customers see most.

Veritiv trucks travel more than 43 million miles per year, delivering solutions to customers across Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Across every mile, our drivers demonstrate our Veritiv Values, but as you’ll see, when you meet today’s drivers, our Customer Focus value is in focus.

Terry Baines has been driving for Veritiv since 1987.

First, meet Terry Baines who has been driving for Veritiv since 1987. Terry considers his ability to see and speak with Veritiv customers the highlight of his day. He’s committed to customer service and regularly goes the extra mile to understand each customer’s needs and concerns so we can better service them.

Terry is committed to physical fitness and he loves the full body workout that his favorite, basketball, offers. In his spare time, you can find Terry running drills on the court.

Here’s what Terry’s supervisor has to say about his work ethic:

“Terry has delivered excellent customer service over the years while keeping his productivity extremely high. Terry is reliable in all aspects and accomplishes what could be perceived as the impossible, on a daily basis.”

Bobby Smith, Veritiv Driver

Next, meet Bobby Smith who joined Veritiv in 2001. Previously, he was a driver for various construction companies requiring long hauls. Bobby was pleased to find a driver role that enabled him to be home every night and on the weekends.


Bobby starts each day with a commitment to customers. Here are some of the things Bobby’s colleagues say about him:

“Bobby is always willing to extend a helping hand to his team and his customers.”

“Bobby has always been focused on his customers and building customer relationships.”

“Bobby is a real asset to the Dallas/Fort Worth team.”

Bobby started driving professionally because he had always enjoyed operating machines. Outside of work, he’s an avid motorcycle rider who is dedicated to his motorcycle club, his church, and his softball team.


See why Veritiv is a great place to work – “The hours, pay and benefits are hard to find as a driver. If you put the three together, it’s hard to beat.”

Interested in driving for Veritiv? Get started at Make sure to visit Veritiv online at and follow us on social media: FacebookTwitterLinkedInYouTube.



  • Submitted by Cynthia Hernandez on Mon, 9/12/16 - 3:51 pm

    Thank you Team ☼ for servicing my account VSP!! #DriverAppreciationWeek #VeritivDriversRock

  • Submitted by Carl Gregory on Tue, 9/13/16 - 9:12 am

    I’d like to take the time to thank Mike Schrader, a driver in Edwardsville, KS. Last year, I was able to do a ride-along in order to get training and better understand this aspect of service we offer the customers. What struck me the most were two things: firstly, Mike’s attitude was stellar. When speaking with me and with customers, he had this gentle, welcoming tone and demeanor, which made approachable and easy to talk with. It was great to spend time with him on a human, interpersonal level, learning from someone who lives out my second point: driver customer service. I did not realize the degree to which drivers are an integral extension of customer service. They interact with the customers directly, field questions out on their routes, overcome physical challenges with road conditions, loading conditions, customer requests, etc. They do more than I imagined, and I’m so thankful for that, and for seeing it through the awesome work of Mike Schrader, a paragon of effective, kind, and approachable customer service.

  • Submitted by Jo Weathers on Thu, 9/15/16 - 3:52 pm

    Thank you all for all your hard work and dedication in making us a shining star in this competitive world of ours. We truly do appreciate all you do in making us a great team together.

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