Key Notes – Volume 03 Number 23

Reasons to Be Optimistic about the USPS in ’16 – [This is dated article but worth repeating].  Since United States Postal Service (USPS) volume peaked in 2006, we have been inundated with negative outlooks and pessimistic interpretations about its present state and its future. Sometimes it seems we cannot see the forest for the trees.  It is time to take a look at reasons to be optimistic about one of the most important and enduring elements of our national infrastructure.  The Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers provides 10 reasons the mailing community should be hopeful as we enter the 2nd half of 2016 [Link].  Source:  Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers

Can Your Supply Chain Keep Up With Expectations? – A recent study of online shoppers—UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper—brings these expectations to life.  Some key items include:  Today’s shopper expects to visit stores less frequently, opting instead for e-commerce; 29% of those shoppers are already comparing prices online and while in the store itself; and 45% of mobile users thinking it’s important to be able to check store inventory right in the retailer’s app.  These demands all speak to an increasing need for omnichannel excellence. The study also found that customers don’t necessarily mind paying for shipping when the value was perceived to be there, but it’s a tricky balance: 45% of them reported abandoning a cart when it didn’t qualify for free shipping.  Source:  UPS

PCC Offers Mail Design Professional Certification Program – The Mail Design Professional (MDP) course provides in depth training on postal standards related to designing letter and flat mail to facilitate processing on high-speed automated equipment while maximizing cost effectiveness and reducing processing delays.  Click here to see details on course material and tuition.  Source:  RIBBS

2017 Postal Promotions Get Out of the Gate Early – Mailers love the savings they receive on innovative mail pieces through the Postal Service’s yearly schedule of promotions, but they’ve long had two gripes about the program: Set-up costs are price prohibitive for smaller businesses, and the promos are announced too late to allow larger enterprises to ramp up for them.  The “Starter” promo proposed for 2017—which requires a link (such as a QR code) to a mobile-optimized site—ups the ante for low-budget mailers.  While the typical discount on USPS promos is 2%, this SMB-angled promo offers 5% off on a max of 10,000 pieces.  Source:  DMNews

How do you feel about ad-free print magazines? – Starting with its July issue, Prevention magazine will not have advertisements.  Maria Rodale, CEO and chairwoman of the magazine’s publishing company, explained to the New York Times that this decision was a financial calculation.  Prevention is directed at women over 40, which is not as attractive to advertisers as millennials. Ultimately, removing the ads actually cuts Prevention’s operating expenses by more than 50%.  Source:  Fast Company

Mail Anywhere – The Postal Service now allows any Full-Service mailer the opportunity to use the same permit at any location via the Mail Anywhere program.  Entry into the Mail Anywhere program is limited to mailers who meet the quality thresholds for Full-Service electronic verification.  The benefits include:  Maintain a single permit and centralized account to enter and pay for all mailings across the country; Local Permit Number or Company Imprint Indicia may be used at any location; and Permit application fee not required at additional mailing locations.  Click here for more information.  Source:  RIBBS

How to Increase Customers and Business Via Direct Mail – Direct mail can help you to engage with your customers better and drive massive business; all you need to do is just tweak the way you send mail to your customers.  Yes, even with aggressive marketing strategies using social media and email marketing platforms, you may fail to bring customers to your doors.  So when the customers aren’t knocking at your door, why not send direct mail to their door steps, and take direct engagement initiatives.  There are more than several ways to drive business through direct mailing, click here to see the top three ways that enable marketing teams to drive maximum business.  Source:  Biz Community

Survey Shows Rapid Growth in Online Shopping – For the first time, consumers say they bought more of their purchases on the web than in stores, according to an annual survey of more than 5,000 online shoppers by United Parcel Service Inc.  Source:  The Wall Street Journal