Key Notes Volume 03 Number 14

USPS Board of Governors – President Obama has nominated Jeffrey Rosen to the Postal Service Board of Governors.  Rosen, a Virginia resident, is a senior partner at Kirkland & Ellis, a Washington, DC, law firm.  His previous jobs include serving as general counsel and senior policy advisor for the White House Office of Management and Budget during President George W. Bush’s second term.  There are eight open seats on the board, and six nominations are pending in the Senate. These nominations include two former governors.  Without a legally required quorum, the board is conducting official business as a temporary emergency committee created in 2014.  Source:  USPS LINK

This is Innovation – After discovering that socks are the #1 most requested clothing item in homeless shelters, Bombas founders Randy Goldberg and David Heath set out to build a better athletic sock and create a business model designed to give back to the homeless community.  The Postal Service highlighted the company in a video exploring how Bombas focuses on innovation, data analytics, and smart shipping solutions to help them in their mission.  Source:  USPS TV

Strength in Mid-Tier Magazine Titles – Unfortunately, once again the MagNet report indicates that the single copy is facing another crisis. Unit sales are down 10.2% and dollars are down 7.6%. Yet, as MagNet reports, the top 100 titles contributed significantly to that decline.  The story isn’t that bad for titles that rank 100 to 1,000. According to the report: “In aggregate, the group of titles ranked between 100 and 1,000 actually increased in sales during the fourth quarter 2015 when compared to the sales of titles that fell within the same segment during fourth quarter 2014.”  Source:  Publishing Executive

What is Informed Visibility by the USPS? – Informed Visibility (IV) is an enterprise system that will be a real-time, single source for all mail and mail aggregate information, leveraging data to provide business intelligence for USPS functional groups and the mailing industry, by delivering:  Event-driven internal measurement of all mail, Real-time service performance diagnostics, Predictive workloads and mail inventory management of mail and packages, and End-to-end tracking of mail.  With IV, the mailing industry can leverage key information about their mailings to manage operations, refine processes, and adjust marketing campaigns as needed.  Click here to view an IV presentation.  Source:  USPS RIBBS

It’s all in the Fold – Looking for some direct mail folding ideas.  Check the Fold Factory for a collection of dielines and folded paper samples.  Trish Witkowski, also known as the Chief Folding Fanatic for the Fold Factory, has an online folding community and hosts the popular e-video series “60-second Super-cool Fold of the Week.”  Source:  Fold Factory

Increasing Direct Mail Response with Personalization – Do you send direct mail?  What about catalogs?  If you already do, or are considering adding this to your marketing strategy, you can increase response rate with personalization.  We’re not talking about just inserting <first name> <last name> on a postcard. We’re talking about tailoring the content and offers based on the profile of any given contact. This requires a well-maintained and integrated database.  A personalized direct mail piece has the potential to build a stronger relationship with your contacts and drive significantly improved results.  Source:  Quick Pivot

Postal Consolidations on Indefinite Hold – The Postal Service has put its earlier announced plans to consolidate more processing facilities on indefinite hold, as it approaches the end of the latest in a series of delays.  USPS in 2013 closed nearly 100 facilities as part of a consolidation, reducing the number to about 320. It had planned to target about 70 more starting the following year but delayed those plans several times in the face of opposition from employee unions concerned about job losses and from some members of Congress also concerned about that impact, as well as slowed delivery.  Source:  FEDweek

Robots Set to Aid Postal Workers with Deliveries in Germany – Germany’s Deutsche Post is testing robots that could help postal workers cope with increasing numbers of parcels on their delivery rounds, a company manager said this week.  The robots, which look like a table on wheels on which goods can be placed, would follow delivery workers, helping them to transport and carry heavy parcels.  If the postie stops walking, the robot stops too, and it only starts again when they move on.  Source:  Reuters

Modernize Your Mail Campaigns – Year after year, companies seek out the freshest ideas to build brand awareness, launch products and convert new customers.  To choose the right one, they need the facts.  Get a big-picture view of the newest innovations in direct mail—from AR to QR and everything in between.  Click here to download a USPS chart showing the various technologies and their uses.  Source:  USPS