U.S. Postal Service Introduces Informed Delivery to Consumers

USPS is reinventing mail with Informed Delivery™– Name change from (Real Mail Notification)

New consumer service that enhances hardcopy mail

This fall, New Yorkers are going to experience a new kind of mail. The United States Postal Service is rolling out Informed Delivery™ service where users can get a preview of their daily mail the morning of the delivery. Waiting for that check to come through the mail? You will know in the morning what you’ll find in your physical mailbox later on that day.

  • New consumer service that enhances hardcopy mail
  • Integrates direct mail and digital marketing channels
  • Provides multiple impressions and the potential for interactivity
  • Targeting My USPS users in NY Metro ZIP Codes (066, 069, 100-119)