Key Notes Vol. 02 No. 40

USPS Updates Planning Guides The Postal Service has updated their mail planning guidelines to allow customers to project the number of days necessary for their mail to reach destinations based on service standards, entry point, and critical entry time. Customers should note that these guidelines do not imply any promise or guarantee.  Source:  RIBBS
Mail is Taking Long to Get DeliveredAfter years of cost-cutting to adjust to steep financial losses, the U.S. Postal Service is contending with angry customers whose mail is taking longer — sometimes much longer — to arrive.  New research by Congress’ watchdog now says that the post office’s tracking system for measuring on-time delivery is so unreliable that there’s no way to know how late the mail really is.  In an unusually stern report, the Government Accountability Office found the Postal Service’s tracking of delivery times “far from complete” and called on the agency to provide “quality delivery performance information.”  Just 55 percent of the mail is even measured by postal officials, auditors found, making it unlikely that the agency is meeting its legal obligation to provide quality service to every corner of the United States.  Source:  Washington Post
International Print Day 2015 Print professionals around the world are being encouraged to participate in International Print Day 2015 (IPD15), a global 24-hour event being held Wednesday, October 14, 2015, in which social media will be used to highlight the creativity, importance and power of print and paper.  The theme for this year’s International Print Day is “#PrintNOW.” Along with #IPD15, that hashtag has been designated for all print professionals to use when they share examples of print on social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and others. Commercial printers, print buyers, paper mills, graphic designers, book publishers, marketers and manufacturers are urged to participate in this global sharing event.  Source:  Two Sides
FedEx & UPS Sticking With High Fuel Surcharges Even As Gas Prices DropEven as prices for both diesel gasoline and jet fuel have dropped, the country’s two largest parcel shippers have remained steadfast in maintaining surcharges that will make it more expensive for businesses to fulfill online orders this holiday season.  The Wall Street Journal notes that FedEx’s upcoming increase — its second this year — could have a significant impact on e-commerce retailers. [Editors Note:  The Postal Service has no fuel surcharges].  Source:  Consumerist
Direct Mail May Be the Best Bang for Your Marketing Buck Marketing over just one channel would never be effective, right?  You have to reach your customers wherever they want to be reached, which is why companies have presences on multiple social media platforms, websites, and media outlets.  But what about direct mail?  Has that gone the way of the fax machine?  Not at all, according to the numbers.  When you get your mail out of the mailbox, do you throw it directly into the trash can without going through it?  Of course not. You go through everything and sort it, putting everything where it goes.  You probably even open your junk mail, which 70-80% of people report doing.  When you compare it with email, people still have more respect for a piece of mail in their hands than they do for an unsolicited email. While over half of people delete junk emails with no action taken, nearly 80% of people will act on direct mail immediately. You can even use direct mail to get people to visit your website. It’s not as archaic as you think!  Source:  Examiner
Singapore Delivers Mail Using World’s First Drone for Postal ServiceSingapore Post has successfully delivered a mail using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for point-to-point recipient-authenticated mail delivery, the company said today in a statement. It added that this is the first time in the world a postal service has successfully used an UAV. “A last mile mail and packet drone delivery trial was successfully completed between Lorong Halus and Pulau Ubin,” SingPost said.  Source:  Ang Malaya Net