Celebrating Driver Appreciation Week: Meet Darrell Dennie, Transportation Supervisor and Juan Cruz, Driver

Our drivers are an incredibly important part of the Veritiv organization. Their unparalleled commitment to our values is an essential reason why Veritiv is, and continues to be, a North American market leader and a great place to work.

Today, you’ll meet two drivers with very different backgrounds: Darrell Dennie, a transportation supervisor out of Hebron, KY and Juan Cruz, based in Central Pennsylvania.

Darrell and Juan may have very different backgrounds with Veritiv, but once you get to know them, you’ll see that their experiences with the company are consistent. They both cite their customers, their work environment, and the camaraderie they feel at Veritiv as reasons they enjoy coming to work each day.

Darrell Dennie in Hebron, KY
Darrell Dennie in Hebron, KY

When he’s not coordinating a team of drivers, Darrell enjoys spending time with his loved ones, especially with his son and daughter and their families on his daughter’s 643-acre cattle farm. In his spare time, you can almost always find him outside boating or camping. A music lover, Darrell has a soft spot for late ‘70s and ‘80s rock and roll, and he is also a fan the new wave of bluegrass bands.

Darrell is inspired by the following quote from Abraham Lincoln: “Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.”  Darrell always gives 100%, and he encourages his drivers to do the same. Under his leadership and guidance, the Veritiv drivers in Hebron deliver excellence to our customers every day.

Juan in front of his truck on a beautiful day in Central Pennsylvania

Juan Cruz is a recent addition to the driver roster in Central Pennsylvania; however, he cites many of the same reasons as Darrell as to why he enjoys driving for Veritiv – customer service, family, and camaraderie. Outside of work, Juan enjoys spending time with family and watching sports and traveling with his two sons. You can also find this music lover singing along to R&B.

Great coworkers are what keep many of our drivers driving for Veritiv year after year. Hear it from Juan directly: “All of my coworkers are very unique, and they are hard-working people. They don’t hesitate to help if you need it. All of this makes for a great working environment”.

Tomorrow, on the last day of Driver Appreciation Week, we’ll introduce you to two drivers who truly go beyond the call of duty: Linn Gorman from Memphis, who was recently recognized by a Veritiv customer for his integrity and compassion; and Craig Thornburg, who was named one of their three drivers of the year by Ryder.

Learn more about driving at Veritiv in this video:

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