Key Notes Vol. 02 No. 33

Direct Mail Hiatus Cost Non-Profit $30 MillionNew donors declined by 11 percent and new donor revenue dropped by $11.3 million in the first year that American Cancer Society (ACS) paused its direct mail acquisition program.  The hiatus had an impact of $29.5 million over five years.  Digital and email channels may be less expensive but it became evident that it would take longer to break even and fill the funnel, said Peggy Jaynes, senior consultant, direct mail, acquisition, ACS.  Source:  The Non Profit Times
Taking Paper to the Next LevelWe print on it.  We use specialized finishing techniques to dress it up.  We cut it and crease it and fold it and glue it to make unique products based on customer concepts and designs.  But there is likely much more than can be done.  Source:  What They Think
USPS Revenue SourceThe Postal Service could both generate revenue and help voter turnout by working with states to promote mail-in voting, says the USPS inspector general.  Although traditional poll voting is still the most popular method, the report (pdf) says, voting by mail is increasing across broad segments of the American electorate.  In the 2014 midterm federal election, 25 % of voters cast ballots by mail — an increase of 3.5 % over the 2012 presidential election.  Source:  Fierce Government
USPS Hits Back Over Financial Claims The Federal Affairs Manager for the Americans for Tax Reform, posted an opinion piece on his organization’s website which stated:  “The USPS’s ability to lose over half a billion dollars in just three months would almost be impressive if it wasn’t a detriment to American taxpayers.  The fact is the USPS receives roughly $18 billion in taxpayer-backed subsidies annually yet is still failing.”  The USPS hit back with a riposte posted on its website stating the column as “overtly flawed and significantly exaggerated”.  Source:  Post & Parcel
Did you know? USPS processes and delivers 265.1 million pieces of advertising mail each work day.
Delayed Mail AlertThe U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (USPS OIG) has issued aManagement Alert over “a substantial increase in delayed mail over the last several months”.  The alert warned that there is a “need to immediately address the timeliness of mail processing following the January 5, 2015, service standard revisions”.  The OIG acknowledged that USPS management “has taken some steps to alleviate the service issues”.  However, the OIG said it “continues to believe that no further significant national network or operational changes should take place prior to establishing criteria and stabilizing the network”.  Source:  Post and Parcel
USPS Taking on UPS, FedEx and Amazon The U. S. Postal Service’s postmaster general Megan Brennan has been in office for six months, and already she’s starting to push the quasi-governmental agency to evolve in line with changing American mailing needs.  The insatiable need for e-commerce delivery presents the Postal Service with an opportunity to replace that lost First-Class revenue — but only if it can be light on its feet in a competitive market.  Already, in 2014, package delivery revenue has risen by 8% to account for 20% of the agency’s revenue.  Click here to view an NBC story on how USPS is ramping up same-day delivery.  Source:  Fortune
‘Let’s End De Facto Rate Increases,’ Mailers Plead Five mailers groups petition the PRC to define what constitutes trivial rate increases in operational changes installed by the Postal Service.  Changes in procedures for the Intelligent Mail barcode and pallets for the Flats Sequencing System add to mailers’ postal costs above and beyond a CPI rate increase, mailers contend.  Groups who took part in the filing of the petition include PostCom, the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers, the Major Mailers Association, theAssociation of Magazine Media, and the National Postal Policy Council.  Source:  DM News
Graphic Communications joins PostComThe Association for Postal Commerce is a national association of businesses and organizations that use or support the use of mail as a medium for business communication and commerce.