Key Notes Vol. 02 No. 27

USPS Updates Program Registration Incentives Enrollment Guide The latest edition of the enrollment user guide for the USPS incentive program has been posted to RIBBS. Click here to view. The guide will walk you through the application process from start to finish. Source: USPS

Canada Post Proposes Rate Hike for 2016 Canada Post is proposing to increase postage rates in 2016 as declining mail volumes continue to have a significant impact on its financial situation. Lettermail volumes have been declining for almost a decade. The Corporation is taking every action necessary to secure postal service for all Canadians and to avoid becoming a drain on taxpayers. It is proposing these new postage rates to help achieve its long-standing mandate of remaining financially self-sufficient. Source: Canada Post

Why Shopping Catalogs Just Won’t DieSo why are retailers like Restoration Hardware, Williams-Sonoma, J. Crew, and Barney’s New York still using print publication as a viable shopping medium. According to Bridget Johns, the Head of Customer Engagement at the in-store analytics company Retail Next, “Catalogs are being geared more towards content over product. It’s very much about the styling and the lifestyle and the connection to the brand.” Source: The Daily Beast

USPS Mail Carriers are Getting a “Panic Button”The Postal Service is shipping all 230,000 carriers new mobile devices with a soon-to-be-activated “panic button.” GPS transmits their location to their supervisors every minute. “So when you think about the power of this, the safety element of what this allows us to do from a carrier standpoint is just incredible,” said Jeff Williamson, Chief of Human Resources for the Postal Service. Source: CBS News

The Future of Digital is Print Marketing guru, Andrew Davis, teaches us how to use digital to optimize the power of print. “Leverage the digital universe to fail fast, prove what works, build an audience, and grow reach. Then you can elevate the best content, the content your audience wants, to print.” Check out the fantastic video here. Source: YouTube

Irresistible Mail (A Must View)Today’s mail is more powerful than you think. It boasts vibrant colors that command attention, lifelike textures that wow your senses and awe-inspiring digital technologies that seem otherworldly. On top of it all, direct mail can deliver up to 1100% ROI. To promotion their 2015 mailing promotions, the U.S. Postal Service developed a book showing these strong digital-to-physical mail experiences. It’s called Irresistible Mail. Click here to view the digital version of the piece.  Just place your mouse over the images to see the effects. Source: USPS

PRC Issues USPS Performance Report In its latest annual report, the US Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) has found that the US Postal Service has “partially met” goals on the quality of its services and income controls, but it did not meet goals for keepings it workforce engaged and ensuring a safe workplace. The Commission also reported that it could not determine whether the Postal Service met its Provide Excellent Customer Experiences goal “due to lack of comparable 2014 data”. A copy of the report can be viewed here. Source: Post and Parcel

Got Paper? In an era of constant communication, when friends and family can be contacted in an instant, the art of letter-writing has, for many, been written off as a relic of the past. But a new campaign aims to get people excited about physically putting pen to paper and the pleasure that receiving personal, handwritten mail brings. The Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds campaign, integrates traditional media including 30 second commercials (Link), showcasing paper and packaging items that comprise milestones big and small. Source: Paper and Packaging Board