Key Notes Vol. 02 No. 14

PMG Brennan Dialogs With CatalogersPostmaster General Megan Brennan paid a visit to the American Catalog Mailers’ forum in Washington, tossed aside her notes, and invited the catalogers in the room to air their concerns.  The interchange was refreshing, though not surprising.  Catalogers wanted to know why the Postal Service couldn’t just tear all the red tape off of rates and let catalog volumes and mail revenues flourish.  Brennan agreed with a lot of what they had to say, but reminded them, in essence, that unsnarling red tape and process delays is what she does for a living.  Source:  DMNews

Sales Chief Wants Mail Promos to Begin on Schedule Postal Service VP of sales Cliff Rucker this week expressed hope that the 2015 slate of price promotions will kick off as scheduled in May.  Registration periods for the Earned Value and Emerging Technology promotions were to have begun April 1, but none of the four promotions on this summer’s calendar has received approval from the Postal Regulatory Commission.  Not only has the PRC twice kicked back market dominant price proposals to USPS, but the entire industry still awaits word from the D.C. District Court of Appeals on whether the exigent price increase will become permanent, or be phased out as planned.  “We are going to try to resolve at the next board of governors meeting why we can’t separate the promotions from the rate approvals,” Rucker told members of the American Catalog Mailers Association at their annual forum in Washington.   Source:  Direct Marketing News

Does the U.S. Postal Service Have an Unfair Economic Edge?“The Basis and Extent of the Monopoly Rights and Subsidies Claimed by the United States Postal Service,” a study published last month by the Sonecon economic advisory firm, contends that the USPS significantly understates the value of the economic advantages that accrue to it as a government-mandated monopoly—advantages it can and does leverage in the markets where it competes with private services.  [Editor’s Note:  United Parcel Service, Inc., supported the research that went into the study].  Source:  What They Think

Major Changes to Plant Consolidation ScheduleThe USPS announced its latest list of last minute “public” changes to the Phase II-2015 USPS Network Rationalization Consolidation list.   These changes affect a host of processing facilities, including many in the Southern Region and several in Minnesota and Wisconsin.   Approximately 15 facilities have had their move dates changed to “To Be Determined” (TBD) or “Not Applicable” (N/A).   This public list is the most current information available, but of course is subject to further change.  Source:  Postal News

Postal Service Wants to Buy a High-Tech, Flexible FleetThe Postal Service wants greater connectivity and more digital tools in its future vehicle.  For example, a panel built into the dashboard of its trucks to help give mail carriers and package delivery workers directions, dynamic routes and improved information about the delivery.  The possibilities also involve showing the mail carrier a map of where they need to go next, according to the agency.   Source:  Federal Times

Four in 10 Americans Look Forward to Checking MailIn a world of email, texts and social media, 41% of Americans nevertheless look forward to checking what is in their mailbox each day. Americans 65 and older are more likely than younger adults to enjoy checking the mail, but 36% of Americans under 30 also feel this way.  Source:  Gallup

The Art of Choosing the Right Paper Choosing the right paper for your printed media can be tricky.  Paper tells about the function of the product, its feeling and quality.  Therefore it’s a crucial part of the overall experience of your final product.  Best of all is to start thinking about the choice of paper even before you start your work on the computer, not only to get the feeling right but also because of printing issues and costs.  You can then optimize the production and design according to the paper of your choice.  Click here for some of the things to keep in mind about the use of paper for your printed media production.  [Editors Comment:  This article is an oldie but goodie and is full of helpful tips.  If you need further help, call us.  Graphic Communications has the experience and knowledge for your paper needs.]  Source:  Tuts+

Free Exhibit Hall Passes Available for NPFThe 2015 National Postal Forum is being held in Anaheim, CA from May 17-20.  As usual, BCC Software, a leader in postal software solutions, will have a prominent role in the event including a booth in the exhibit hall and several featured speaking engagements.  If you’re considering attending NPF, BCC Software would be happy to offer complimentary exhibit hall passes.  To take advantage of this offer, visit and enter code FEH6245X at checkout when registering for the event.  Source:  BCC Software