The Best of Ogilvy – Big Ideas on Paper

A famous quote by the great David Ogilvy, founder of the legendary advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather reads, “Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.”

The agency network founded by David Ogilvy is now comprised of 450 offices in 69 cities all over the world – and …

How to Innovate in a 7,000 year old industry

Cleaning Innovation in a 7,000 year old industry

Did you know? The cleaning trade has been around for over 7,000 years –so, right about the time that the wheel was invented, cleaning emerged as an essential component of healthy living.

Certainly, a lot has happened in society since 5,000 BC, but many of the most impressive advancements in facilities management has happened in the …


The Importance of Chain-Of-Custody

Graphic Communications has recently renewed our long-standing commitment to the three major Chain-of-Custody standards: Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®), Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).

Why is Chain-of-Custody such a critical consideration to a paper sourcing policy? It certifies that the fiber used in …

Atlanta Skyline

Congratulations to Veritiv on Your Fortune® 500 Achievement

The Metro Atlanta area is undergoing a vibrant and dynamic evolution alongside our population growth. As the host of Super Bowl LIII in 2019, and with our commitment to transit solutions and a thriving business community, it’s no surprise that Atlanta is truly the economic engine of the South.

In 2010, our region was home to …


Paper Recovery Hits a New High

Paper recovery has increased virtually every year since 1990, and in 2015, it reached a record high of nearly 67%.

Recycling paper is a common activity, with bins in the majority of public facilities, offices, and homes, but do you ever wonder how far recycling can go? The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that paper can …


Recycling and Beyond – How Responsible Packaging Impacts Sustainability

As you walk down the street, it’s quite normal to see a recycling bin alongside other trash containers. While the practice feels decidedly modern, did you know that recycling has been commonplace since the days of Ancient Greece?

A recent article in Packaging Digest, titled How do recycling stats stack up for …


Today is Global Handwashing Day! Raise a Hand for Hygiene

Don’t forget to wash your hands!

Did anyone else just hear their mother’s voice?

Sure, when it comes to good hygiene habits, children need to be reminded constantly.  But adults? Surely not. Adults know the importance of washing their hands. Right?

A recent study in the Journal of Environmental Health reported that only five percent of …


Veritiv Celebrates National Customer Service Week

October 5 – 9 marks National Customer Service Week 2015, and the theme is “Everyday Heroes.” This week at Veritiv, we’re celebrating and honoring our Customer Service and Program Management team members – our everyday heroes − who keep Veritiv customers coming back, our sales force productive, and our business running smoothly.

At Veritiv, we …


Celebrating Driver Appreciation Week – Meet Drivers Linn Gorman and Craig Thornburg

To close out Driver Appreciation Week, we want to introduce you to two drivers who truly go above and beyond the call of duty.

Driver Linn Gorman in Memphis, TN

First, meet Linn Gorman. Every day, Linn delivers Veritiv products and services with pride. Linn was recently recognized by one of our customers for going above …


Celebrating Driver Appreciation Week: Meet Darrell Dennie, Transportation Supervisor and Juan Cruz, Driver

Our drivers are an incredibly important part of the Veritiv organization. Their unparalleled commitment to our values is an essential reason why Veritiv is, and continues to be, a North American market leader and a great place to work.

Today, you’ll meet two drivers with very different backgrounds: Darrell Dennie, a transportation supervisor out of Hebron, …


Celebrating Driver Appreciation Week – Meet Veritiv Driver Kea Morgan

Veritiv Driver Kea Morgan on our first day as Veritiv – July 2, 2014

Appreciation for our drivers is certainly not limited to one week of the year. Here at Veritiv, we recognize the value our drivers bring to our business and the role they play in our ongoing success. And we’re celebrating our drivers …


Celebrating Driver Appreciation Week – Meet Veritiv Driver, Mike Yaffee

Veritiv drivers play a critical role in the success of our company. Every day, they are the face of Veritiv – and often the Veritiv employee that our customers see the most.

We will honor these employees as Veritiv celebrates Driver Appreciation Week – and all week long, we’ll be introducing you to some …


The Veritiv Values

What qualities come to mind when you think about a great company? The right product offering? Great customer service? Availability and just in time delivery? Here at Veritiv, it’s all those things and more – and we call them the Veritiv Values.

In our first year, a primary focus of Veritiv has been building …

Key Notes – Volume 03 Number 34

USPS Giving Mailers a Break – Mailers might be getting more bang for their buck come January as weight caps on standard mail are expected to increase, according to a Postal Service proposal.  The breakpoint for piece pricing would increase for standard mail from 3.3 ounces to four before weight-based increases would …

Key Notes – Volume 03 Number 33

Pre Release of USPS 2017 Structural Changes – The Postal Service published a pre release document on the 2017 Proposed Structural Changes for implementation on January 22, 2017.   Included in the possible changes is a proposal to change the weight for piece pound pricing from 3.3 oz. to 4.0 oz. for Standard Mail Letters and …

Key Notes – Volume 03 Number 32

USPS Tests Package Drop-Off Kiosks for eBay Sellers – The USPS revealed a new test it was running with eBay designed to make it easier for sellers to get an initial scan on packages entering the mailstream. According to USPS Vice President of Sales Cliff Rucker, “One of the tests we’re going to do with …

Key Notes – Volume 03 Number 31

Bipartisan USPS Reform Legislation Will Strengthen Agency – Bipartisan bills that address real national problems are rare these days.  Maybe it is not surprising that the Oversight and Government Reform Committee (OGR) produced a bipartisan postal reform bill in July, given that the self-supporting Postal Service is by far the most …

Key Notes – Volume 03 Number 30

How GPU-Powered Analytics Improves Mail Delivery – Just as other large logistics companies have done, the USPS has big plans to tighten up its operations and boost customer service through big data analytics.  The main difference here is scale.  With more than 600,000 employees and a fleet of 215,000 vehicles, the USPS is the single …